The Edena were a pretty warlike plant-based bipedal race with a gift for deception. They started out and continued for a while as one of the greatest powers of the early RP. In the first installment, they started the First World War (also known as the Raiderous War) in which an Edena faction named the Raiderous with a powerful armada and army fought against the other races of the world at the time, the Zumpy, Albedituse, Mountain Birds, Greelians, an Edena splinter group, and later, the Catopians. After the Raiderous were crushed, the other Edena groups lived in exile, except for the first notable mercenary assassins, the Guild. They returned in the second installment as the Tremble, living at the north pole and allies of the Catopians, until their betrayal in which the Catopians responded in kind with a nuclear missile, eradicating the Edena.

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