The Albedituse are a bipedal whale-like formerly sea race, native to Nova Mondial. They adore truth and science above all things, including lives. They arose as a power around the first half of the first RP, and quickly became major. They were the greatest opponent for the Raiderous during the first world war, and after, maintained the lead as the most technologically advanced until the third installment. They fought two global wars with the Catopians, the first resulting in abysmal failure and surrender of the Catopians and the second resulting in a mild failure and peace treaty. They then settled into townships within Greelian land, but were eventually hunted down after the rise of the Catopians and were exterminated. Much later, the Albedituse resurfaced from an unknown underwater city, and they made peace with the Catopians. The remaining twenty Albedituse are the official historians of the Nova Dominion, and can be constantly found working in the Great Library.

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